Pacific Gas & Electric and Tesla began construction on a 182.5-MW lithium ion system in Monterey County, California

by Jul 29, 2020

The construction on 182.5 MW Moss Landing project has started, where the design, construction and maintenance operations will be joint effort by the San Francisco-based utility PG&E and the battery provider Tesla, where PG&E will own the facility at its substation in Moss Landing. The project will have the capacity to store and dispatch up to 730 MWh of energy to the electrical grid at a maximum rate of 182.5 MW for up to four hours during periods of high demand. Moss Landing BESS will participate in the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) markets, providing energy and ancillary service and will be the largest utility-owned, li-ion battery energy storage system in the world. Link to the news: