Oracle Power’s 400MW hydrogen production project in Pakistan to bring cost of green hydrogen below $2 per kg.

by Sep 12, 2022

To support the global transition towards a carbon neutral future, Oracle Power and Power China International Group are going to develop a hydrogen production facility in Pakistan. This would be the country’s first green hydrogen production plant, which will produce about 150,000 kg/day of green hydrogen through electrolysis powered by renewables. The interesting aspect of this news is that this plant aims to target a green hydrogen cost below $2/kg. Currently, green hydrogen is produced at $10-15/kg whereas blue hydrogen is produced at $5-7/kg, which makes the proposed green hydrogen cost-competitive with other zero-emission and fossil fuels around the globe. Apart from producing hydrogen in Pakistan, this plant will export to neighboring economies of Central and South East Asia, Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Producing green hydrogen at such a globally competitive rate will be a game changer for both the domestic market and the export market. This production facility is a win-win situation for the companies as well as the country itself. Both the companies will have a strong position in the international market due to the targeted price and for being the first movers in Pakistan. This facility would establish Pakistan as one of the main green hydrogen suppliers in the future.

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