Nynas tests new insulating liquid in Gothenburg

by Apr 21, 2021

Nynas has introduced its new innovative insulating liquid NYTRO® BIO 300X. Produced from hydrocarbon by-products, it is said to have a negative carbon footprint. The key advantage of this new fluid is that it offers exceptionally good cooling due to its ultra-low viscosity. The transformer’s winding hot spot temperature can be significantly reduced using this fluid. Initial studies show up to 10 degrees improvement compared to mineral oils that comply with IEC standard 60296 and around 20 degrees lower compared to ester liquids that comply with IEC standard 61099 or 62770. There is huge potential for thermal design optimization as well as improved over-loading capability.
The new insulating liquid NYTRO® BIO 300X has also been successfully delivered to and tested in Gothenburg, Sweden. The city’s utility company Göteborg Energi opted to use the bio-based and biodegradable insulating liquid in a transformer located near a source of drinking water. It was important to be absolutely sure that no oil is spilled in the area, hence an insulating liquid that is highly biodegradable was used. Göteborg Energi decided to test the performance of the new liquid by using it in one of three identical 40 MVA transformers installed in Gothenburg, around 10 degrees lower temperatures was achieved in the transformer, improving the performance and without the risk of overloads.
Link to the news: https://transformers-magazine.com/tm-news/nynas-tests-new-insulating-liquid-in-gothenburg/