PTR Insights



PTR Insights Q1-2021

  • UK’s Power Grid: Possible Consequences of Brexit

  • Changed Energy Outlook following Georgia Run Off

  • Series Compensation in North American Market

  • Climate worries pushing manufacturers away from Coal
  • Transformer Anti Dumping Policies in USA: Tariffs, Executive Orders and Market Situation

  • EV chargers market growth Part II: Policy Stimulus in Europe

  • EV chargers market growth Part I: Policy Stimulus in China, India and the US
  • Demystifying China’s Power Grid

PTR Insights Q3-2020

  • Evolution of Digital Switchgear Product Portfolios

  • California’s move towards EVs

  • Germany’s Aggressive Push towards more EV chargers in the Country

  • What is blockchain?
  • Commercial & Off-Highway Vehicles – 2019 Top Market Players

  • ABB takes massive cost cutting initiatives in the face of Covid-19

  • FACTS Infographic – Overview of SVC & STATCOM Market (2015-2019)

PTR Insights Q2-2020

    • A Peek into UK’s Energy Storage Market
    • Relevance of SF6 in Switchgear and its Contribution to Climate Change
    • Foreign electrical equipment suppliers
      in hot water as USA issues an executive

    • Global Power Quality Meters Market-2019 Infographic

    • EMEA MV Switchgear Annual Market & Competitive Landscape


PTR Insights Q1-2020

  • Failure Prevention Distribution Transformers: Technology Types and Their Market
  • Market Research: How to Identify the Good vs. the Bad
  • Role of Switchgear in USA’s Grid Advancements
  • Distribution Transformers A Highly Fragmented & Competitive Business