Linde plans to build a green liquid hydrogen plant at Niagara Falls, doubling its US production capacity.

by Sep 9, 2022

Linde, a global leader in the production, processing, storage and distribution of hydrogen has recently announced that it will be building a 35 MW Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzer to produce green hydrogen in Niagara Falls, New York. The interesting aspect of this news is that this electrolyzer will be the largest electrolyzer installed by Linde till date globally and will more than double Linde’s liquid green hydrogen production capacity in the United States. This electrolyzer will be built, owned and operated by the company itself and will utilize the hydroelectric power at the site to produce green hydrogen which will then be cooled at a temperature below -253 degrees Celsius to create liquefied hydrogen (LH2). This project is expected to be operational by 2025 and is the first of several electrolyzers that the company aims to build in the U.S. to address the growing demand of liquid green hydrogen. Linde has the largest liquid hydrogen production capacity and distribution system in the world and will be utilizing it to provide liquid hydrogen to aerospace, electronics and the mobility sectors. The company is also working on developing liquid hydrogen refueling stations and aims to invest more than $1 billion in different decarbonization initiatives and triple the amount of its clean-hydrogen production by 2028.

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