Landmark green hydrogen project to harness Argentina’s wind resources for industrial-scale production.

by Jul 31, 2022

MMEX Resources has announced the development of a green hydrogen project in Rio Grande, Argentina. MMEX Resources, a North American company based in Texas USA, will produce 55 tons of green hydrogen per day using 160 megawatts of wind power in the city of Rio Grande. The Rio Grande area boasts of world-class wind resources, maritime access to the Pacific and the Atlantic with advanced port infrastructure, and has vast land suitable to build the necessary facilities. It is estimated that the investment will be around 500 million USD, generating up to 1,500 jobs in the construction stage, and 300 qualified and permanent jobs in the operation stage. The interesting aspect of this news is that the sole objective of this project is the implementation of a green hydrogen node destined to export to Europe and Asia. Hydrogen would be converted into ammonia for transportation purposes producing roughly 20,000 tons per year of ammonia, an efficient hydrogen carrier. Not only could this project prove to be lucrative for Argentina, but it could also turn the country into a major export nation in the hydrogen market and secure its future while also establishing it as an emerging player for the import market of Europe, as the EU desperately tries to reduce its reliance on Russian fossil fuels.

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