Iberdrola to install chargers at 200 fast food locations

by Jun 4, 2021

The Spanish energy supplier Iberdrola has reached an agreement with the company Restaurant Brands Iberia (RB Iberia) to install 400 charging points for electric cars at almost 200 Burger King and Popeyes franchises in Spain. A mix of DC chargers with 50 and 150 kW and AC chargers with 22 kW capacity will be installed. The new agreement is part of Iberdrola’s plan to build a total of 150,000 charging points by 2025, mainly in Spain. It is likely that there will only be one charging point per car park with two charging points each as a result there will be 400 charging points at 200 branches.The agreement that has now been concluded is exclusive for the next ten years, meaning that no charging points from other operators may be built at RB Iberia. Iberdrola will take over the installation and operation of the charging points. Customers will be able to use the chargers via the Iberdrola Public Charging App, which will also be used for billing. RB Iberia also plans to install up to 100 charging points per year at newly built restaurants. However, the possible expansion to Portugal in a second step is only mentioned in the communication and not backed up with exact targets. While, Iberdrola hasn’t mentioned the exact number of AC/DC breakdown, the energy company has procured the first 1,000 units of the Supernova fast charging station from the Spanish charging infrastructure manufacturer Wallbox. Launched last autumn, Supernova is Wallbox’s first fast charging station for public charging in cities. Iberdrola is Wallbox’s largest shareholder. Link to the news: https://www.electrive.com/2021/06/04/iberdrola-to-install-chargers-at-200-fast-food-locations/