Hitachi Energy has been awarded a contract to build Suedlink DC4

by Aug 19, 2022

TenneT and TransnetBW have chosen Hitachi Energy to build the Suedlink DC4 HVDC interconnection by 2029. The interconnection will facilitate the transmission of 2GW of electric power at an operational voltage of 525 kV over a distance of 550 km via underground cable from north to south Germany. Hitachi Energy will install VSC HVDC technology at Wilster and Bergrheinfeld converter stations. The interconnection will play a major role in maintaining generation and load balance by catering the electricity needs of the southern industrial sector by harnessing offshore wind generation in the north or alternatively transmitting solar power from the south to the north as needed. HVDC technology has played a critical part in Germany’s energy transition, allowing for a reduction in the usage of fossil fuels and assisting the country in reaching carbon neutrality by 2045. Siemens Energy and Hitachi Energy have a substantial presence in the market, with around 9 GW and 8 GW of installed and pipeline HVDC transmission projects, respectively. Furthermore, Chinese competitors GEIRI/C-EPRI, in collaboration with MCDermott, are also building the BorWin6 HVDC offshore connection. In recent years, Hitachi Energy has bagged and completed a number of significant HVDC projects in Germany, including the Kriegers Flak offshore HVDC link, Nordlink (Germany – Norway), and DolWin5 offshore HVDC connection. All of these recent HVDC developments in Germany clearly indicate that offshore wind rollout in the NorthSea region is one of the key factors fostering the region’s HVDC market, and it is anticipated that more HVDC links will be realized in the coming years to integrate offshore wind farms with the onshore grid.

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