GE reports multiple STATCOM and SVC orders for year 2021

by Sep 24, 2021

GE is a global key supplier of FACTS devices. GE’s legacy originates from decades of Alstom experience which was acquired by GE in 2014. Recently, GE has reported multiple STATCOM and SVC wins from all across the globe. Two of these orders are for SVCs and two are for STATCOMs. In terms of geographical scope, GE has bagged these orders from South America, Europe and Middle East. It is interesting to note that GE has not bagged any SVC or STATCOM orders from North America which is a major demand center of FACTS. When it comes to SVC and STATCOM, GE does not have a strong footprint in North America regardless of the fact that GE is an American company. For SVC and STATCOM, the major market share is captured by foreign OEMs Siemens Energy and Hitachi ABB Power Grids. However, GE has been actively focusing on refurbishment market and manages to secure refurbishment orders from old customers who are already using Alstom technology for decades.

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