Fuel Cell Kingdoms of East Asia

by Nov 28, 2022

Battery Electric vehicle technologies are being actively adopted and implemented in many regions throughout the world, as countries are aggressively moving forward in hopes of reaching their climate and carbon-neutrality goals. Amidst constraints posed by the technology, apart from some manufacturers within Europe and North America, the majority of major players within the New Energy Vehicle segment are placing their money on Battery Electric vehicles, hoping that with advancements in battery technologies and capacities, issues such as range anxiety may eventually be solved.

However, within East Asia, countries are adopting a different approach towards reaching climate goals altogether. Their solution: Fuel Cell technology. Currently, three countries encapsulate over 90% of the global fuel cell electric vehicle market: Korea, Japan, and China, with over 14,000 Fuel cell vehicle sales recorded in the year 2021 (75% of global sales). The adoption trajectories, however, greatly differ if looked at from a vehicular lens.

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