Are Women in Power Really in Power?

The article by Aleezeh Saqib, Brand and Strategic Communications Manager at PTR Inc. explores the status of women in the power industry, acknowledging companies like PTR Inc. with a 50% female workforce as outliers in a landscape still struggling with gender disparity. Despite progress with more women in leadership roles, challenges persist, including subtle biases and the need for male validation of decisions made by women. These obstacles undermine women’s confidence and hinder overall progress towards gender equality in the sector.  

Aleezeh interviews women in the power industry to gather their perspectives. The women interviewed in the article demonstrate resilience and advocate for inclusive work environments, merit-based recognition, and increased visibility of female leaders in technical roles to act as role models. One key insight from the discussions is that since most stakeholders in the power industry are men, genuine change towards gender neutrality in the workplace can only occur if they actively advocate for it. Individuals can make a difference by showing support for women’s career advancement through simple acts like commenting on their LinkedIn promotion announcements and highlighting their skills to showcase their competence to a wider audience. These small acts accumulate over time and contribute significantly to fostering a more inclusive and supportive work environment. Overall, their voices emphasize the need for a multifaceted approach to dismantle systemic barriers and create a more equitable environment in the power industry. 

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