EV BOX partnered with Aetna Corp to increase ev charging infrastructure in New England and Mid-Atlantic states

by Mar 18, 2021

Aetna Corp which has expertise in serving the hospitality, grocery sector establishments in Mid-Atlantic region has partnered with EV BOX to help built charging infrastructure for consumers in these frequently visited places. Aetna group has been in EV charging infrastructure service providing from 2017 but believes that EV BOX will be a great partner because of their product range that includes both AC and DC chargers also because it has OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) which will help Aetna Corp to give their consumers customized charging options and ensure the hardware it sells is future-proof. There is also believed to be rise in the business of the retail sector because of installation of EV chargers at these locations. Else than partnering with EV BOX in charging infrastructure sector, Aetna Corp. offers EV charging services at a national level through its network of installers and provides solutions beyond retail and hospitality for workplace, fleets, multi-family and municipality sectors too. Link to the news: https://news.evbox.com/en-WW/196573-evbox-group-partners-with-energy-solutions-provider-aetna-corp-to-expand-electric-vehicle-charging-in-new-england-mid-atlantic-and-bey