Endesa will invest over USD 246 million to improve it’s service

by Apr 25, 2021

Endesa, a DSO in Spain having 65 substations, 10792 transformers, and 25,103 km of lines, has announced an investment of USD. 246 million over the next three years in the distribution network in the province of Malaga. The key focus would be on improving the digitization, reliability, resilience, flexibility, and efficiency of the distribution network, which will further help to increase the quality of supply to Malaga customers.

Looking at the breakdown of investments, around USD 50 Million will be spent on the automation of the medium voltage network and the installation of remote controls. These remote controls will reduce the time to restore electricity service in the event of an incident by allowing remote control to be carried out and restoring the supply. The company has also allocated USD 46.5 million for the expansion of the High and Medium Voltage network and modernization of 9 substations. It plans to install the communication systems for their integrated management and commissioning of four new transformers.

The goal is to reduce TIEPI (equivalent interruption time of installed power) by 25 % until 2023 and 30 % until 2030. Link to the news: https://lums.edu.pk/lums_employee/2683