Empowering Secure EV Charging | Cyber Defense in Public EVSE Infrastructure

by Nov 1, 2023

    • Shift to EVs led to smart charging stations, increasing user experiences, but introduced cybersecurity risks.
    • The whitepaper delves into recent EVSE challenges and cybersecurity research, trends, insights, findings, and projects by national laboratories, CPOs, and OEMs. It also highlights policy influence and parallels with cybersecurity in EVs and the grid sector, fostering interconnectedness between EVSE cybersecurity and associated industries.


The shift to EVs in the transportation industry has prompted the development of smart charging stations that allow remote monitoring and increased user experiences. These enhancements, however, pose cybersecurity risks, necessitating strict measures to ensure the network’s safety and dependability. In the realm of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) cybersecurity, attention is often directed towards public chargers due to their heightened vulnerability to cyber-attacks. Denial of service, delay/replay attacks, and physical security risks are some of the threats faced by EV charging stations. This white paper focuses on the challenges in the European and North American public EV charging industries, outlining the vulnerability of public chargers to cyber threats, and emphasizing the importance of effective cybersecurity solutions in this quickly increasing sector. Several high-level recommendations are included in the paper’s conclusion to help stakeholders and regulators mitigate cyber threats in EV charging infrastructure.

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