Apple to add 240MWh of Tesla battery storage at California solar PV facility.

by Mar 30, 2021

US technology company Apple Inc has announced that it is building the 240-MWh California Flats energy storage project next to the namesake solar farm in Monterey County, California. The storage facility will be hooked to the California Flats solar farm, specifically to its 130-MW portion that Apple contracted under a power purchase agreement (PPA) for its operations in the US state. It also revealed that Tesla Inc would be supplying 85 lithium-ion megapack batteries for the project and the system will be a 60-MW setup. The battery storage system will store excess energy generated during daytime hours and inject it to the grid when needed. This project is part of Apple’s claimed commitment to producing renewable energy equivalent to powering 100% of its operations and going carbon neutral by 2030 and in evidence to that they have already reduced its carbon emissions by 40% since it began efforts. According to Apple over 110 partners in the company’s manufacturing supply chain have also committed to going to 100% renewables for products, components, and services they provide to Apple, which equates to around 8GW of new clean energy capacity. Link to the news: