Alfen to partner up with Ellevio on Sweden’s largest BESS.

by Sep 2, 2022

Dutch energy solutions company Alfen to partner with Swedish electricity supplier Ellevio to supply Sweden’s largest Battery Energy Storage System.
Ellevio is expanding it’s scope into fossil free electrification and this project is it’s first step towards that goal.
The 10MW BESS will be installed in Grums in Western Sweden and it will use Alfen’s modular energy storage system TheBattery Elements™ and will primarily be used for grid balancing services.
The Alfen TheBattery Elements™ is a modular energy storage system equipped with Fast Frequency Reserve (FFR) control technology and can be used to efficiently balance renewable energy fluctuations and disruptions linked with wind power which is the main source of renewable energy in Sweden.
This project will also be used to control grid congestion which is a problem faced by Sweden. With Sweden’s net zero targets fixed at 2045 and the country looking to meet them. A project such as this one provides a viable option to harvest the abundant wind resources to build a stable renewable grid network

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